David Fournier is a freelance commercial photographer who lives in Squamish B.C. with his girlfriend and two big dogs. Originally from Quebec City, Fournier made the move to the West Coast more than a decade ago for the mountain biking scene, and soon found himself behind the lens of a camera shooting the action for publications like Dirt Magazine and Decline, as well as web sites and manufacturer catalogs.

Today, he has branched out beyond the dirt and steel to encompass all facets of photography, working both in his private studio and around British Columbia with models, athletes and routinely capturing a variety of images for newspapers and magazines.For David photography is all about his love of light.

“I think that is my biggest strength with photography... I can ‘read and see’ what the light does,” he said. “I like to shape it, control it, use it to create different moods in my photographs, whether it’s artificial or available light, I always try to work the light.